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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  June 29, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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>> shannon: that is it for special report. good night from washington. special report online starts right now. >> shep: the casey anthony trial went off the rail today and the man that found casey es bones his son dropped an information bombshell and casey's father george organization an emotional rollercoaster. >> first, he got angry. >> my family was being torn apart. for you to say i was -- you're wrong. >> shep: then he talked about trying to kill himself. >> in late january of 2009, did you try it? >> yes, i did. >> shep: tonight the casey's
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father with an emotional day in court. and what triggered these tears. >> plus, breast cancer patients say the drug avastin has saved their lives. >> i am a wife, mother, sister and granny. >> some doctors want to keep prescribing it but the feds say it might be too dangerous and they are determining a its fate. >> the life or death decisions that affect thousands of women. >> but first from fox, the dirty laundry is coming out at the casey anthony murder trial. from a suicide scare to molestation accusations, casey anthony's father george testified about all kinds of family secrets. casey anthony is the central florida murder accused of murdering her young daughter,
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caylee. they asked the father about his rye action when he found someone from granddaughter remains and he just broke down. let me get through this.
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to quote him, having to defend himself against anything and he would have to kill him so he wouldn't get caught and what he did to cay casey and caylee's corpse. >> on that particular day, i really don't know. my emotional state even through today is very hard to accept to not have a granddaughter anymore. but for that particular day, i felt it was the right time to come and be with caylee. >> reporter: what saved his life was police intervention in his hotel loom just in time. >> shep: if there is a story you hear on any side of the fence
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you'll hear it here. he changed his tune when it came to his daughter's skills. >> this is one of the best gotcha moments. they had george anthony on the stand. flute the past three years they have stood by casey anthony but the father i am had plied he no longer thinks he is innocent. >> when you were giving the statement that they discovered the body, did you ever tell police that you thought your daughter murdered your granddaughter? >> i didn't believe that at that time, sir. no. >> reporter: and again brought up the was gas can and duct tape that he put the duct tape on the gas can simply to frame case at this anthony. >> shep: then the meter reader, he was back on the stand that
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found the remaining but i who thought the big news came from the son. >> reporter: roy defending himself said he never put the skull in the woods but it something he said that was totally contradicted today. he says back in november 2008 his dad did call him and he knew where caylee's remains were a month before he supposedly discovered those bones. >> did your father stated to you that he knew something about this case? >> yes, sir, he did. at the time i was not aware it was about the case. >> it's a yes or no. >> yes, sir. >> what did she tell you? >> he said he knew where the remains were. >> when did he tell you this? >> this was no november of 2008. >> reporter: tonight we have a time line on when we might finally get to a verdict.
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they will wrap up tomorrow and leaves a state's rebuttal and then maybe into sunday and that is when the jury is expected to stay through the holiday weekend and begin deliberations. >> shep: minutes from now, casey talked today only the second time she has spoken since the trial begin. we'll hear what she has to say. top story at the bottom of the hour. let's get it done, what president obama is saying about raising the debt limit. they may have to cancel vacation plans but some republicans are kljts go the deadline of the 2nd of august. they say we may have more time before the government can't pay the bills. president is talking about his troop drawdown in afghanistan and not war in libya. that came at a news conference. >> he started with the debt limited standoff and he took aim
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at lawmakers for playing another game of beat the clock just like they did with the government shutdown. malea and sasha finish their homework a day ahead of time. they are not waiting the night before. congress can do the same things. they are in one week and they are out one week. then they are saying obama has got -- you need to be here. >> shep: he predicted that republicans will have to back down on their demands to keep tax raises off the table -- or tax hikes i should say. he accusing leaders of protecting tax breaks at the wealthy at the expense of the poor and middle-class. mike emanuel is sorting it out. republicans were sparring before the news conference. >> reporter: they say increasing taxes will hurt job creation.
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they also insist there will be not be enough votes in the house of representatives for tax increases. the one area where senate republicans and democrats seem to agree on next week's 4th of july recess. harry reid says maybe we should cancel. other republicans say they agree. here is one republican senator's take. >> our countries is going bankruptcy. we -- bankrupt. we got a great deal of support. we should get back into session, not just to be in session but to come back in in the session and start addressing the problem. >> reporter: now, part of the problem is the august 2nd deadline for addressing the debt cap issue, if you will. some republicans have suggested it's an artificial dated, an artificial time line but the president says it is serious. >> shep: the president opened with a question of not war in
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libya and whether he needs authorization from congress? >> he said get real. there are no american casualties or u.s. troops on the ground. take a listen. >> we have engaged in a limited operation to help a lot of people. again, one of the worst tyrants in the world. somebody who nobody should want to defend. we should be send outing a unified message that she should step down and give us a fair chance to live their lives without fear. >> reporter: he insists a lot of fight about libya is just politics. >> shep: you asked him about war number one, the one against afghanistan and his drawdown plans? >> that is right. when he laid out his drawdown plan he didn't say victory so on behalf 6 the troops i asked him about victory. this comes after a high profile
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attack yesterday at the intercontinental hotel in kabul where 11 people were killed. the president said afghanistan is still a dangerous place, but the trend is improving. take a listen? >> that doesn't mean there is not going to be events like this potentially taking place. that will probably go on for some time. our work is not done. >> reporter: so he says the american mission in afghanistan has been successful but he is not yet to declare victory. a new poll from fox news suggests president obama's approval rating, he was at 46%. congress also lost ground, if that is possible. just 20% of registered voters say they approve of the job our lawmakers are doing. today a government panel made an earth shat ordering decision about a best selling
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cancer drug, one of thousands of women are using right now. patients should no longer use it to treat breast cancer. we'll have the details and all those taking the drug are supposed to do now. that is coming up. plus the mob boss, whitey bolcer comes to court and the lawyers are plenty steamed. just ahead, why the defense claims the government is playing with the judicial process by dropping charges. a lot of news on a wednesday, tonight on the fox report. i will send this to shelley. yeah.
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so that i can work one-on-one with you. it's your green line. but i'll be there every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today. >> shep: an enormously controversial decision on a cancer drug that many women have called the difference between life and death. just hours ago fda determined that doctors should no longer use avastin to treat breast cancer. it's been on the market for about seven years now. but last december the fda proposed revoking it as a breast
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cancer treatment. now, the panel has upheld that decision. so what does that mean? doctors can still prescribe it but insurers nay not cover the $8,000 a month price tag. this comes after a rare public hearing in which women pleaded with the feds to change their minds to allow what they say is a life saving drug. >> at the time of my diagnosis, i had 14 tumors in my liver and two in my spine. i was in excruciating pain. after three months of avastin, the tumors in my body had decreased in size by nearly 50% of the metabolic activity was severely reduced. i'm not just a static. i don't want to become one. >> shep: but they determined that it's not safe and isn't effective when it comes to treating breast cancer. the women disagree. trace gallagher disagree and
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17,000 women took that drug today. what are they supposed to do now? >> assuming that fda is to pull the approval it doesn't mean the 17,000 women would automatically have to pay for the drug out of pocket. that is because the american cancer society many of the reference manuals that is used by insurance companies including medicare would still list avastin as a drug for breast cancer. many doctors have already vowed to keep using it and keep prescribing it. here is one. listen. >> i've seen several patients quite dramatically. we don't have an infinite number of therapies for these patients but every therapy is important. my opinion, this is therapy that should be available to these patients. >> reporter: experts warn that many insurance companies could wo fight to stop paying the
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$90,000 bill. >> shep: that can't be the last word. >> reporter: for now, it is, the problem here is the maker of avastin could lose about a billion dollars a year. it depends on what the fda does next month. but they will conduct more studies to prove the effectiveness but they take several years. the company released a statement we are very disappointed by the recommends and we hope the commissioner does not remove an important medicine with women with this incurable disease with too few treatment options. they make a final decision on july totdz. avastin is still okay to use for many other types of cancers. >> shep: thank you. the man accused of shooting gabrielle giffords in the head
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will keep getting anti-psychotic medicine. they say they shouldn't force him to take drugs against his will. doctors have diagnosed him as a dangerous skitd firemen i can. jared loughner is accused of shooting gabrielle giffords and more than a dozen hours during a rampage january. they indicted the prime suspect in last week's quadruple murder in a family owned pharmacy. this man, david laffer shot them execution style before he stole some 10,000 prescription painkillers. among the victims a high school senior and the mother of two scheduled to be married. he has pleaded not guilty. on the night of his arrest his wife appeared to have spilled the beans. >> were you there whether he did
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it? >> he did it. >> shep: meanwhile, his court appointed attorney she feared for her client's safety in jail. they have placed him under suicide watch. >> meantime, in boston prosecutors are trying to, quote gain the system. that from a temporary attorney from the infamous gangster james whitey bolger. they arrested him last week after he spent 16 years on the run. today he was in a boston federal court for an unscheduled hearing. it's still unclear to us why. in a court filing his attorney claims that prosecutors are shopping for judges by seeking to dismiss an extortion indictment in favor of another that accuses him of 19 murders. it's the if the first indictment were dismissed they would assign a new judge that could play into prosecution's favor. he is due back in court for a hearing as well as a request to get a taxpayer funded attorney.
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>> major development for american student accused of killing her roommate overseas. you recall an italian court sentenced amanda knox to 26 years in prison for sexual assault and murder. her boyfriend is doing decades behind bars but today, two courted appointed independent experts reported serious flaws in the evidence. the dna may have been contaminated before testing. they say the dna testing was not performed to international standards and flat out unreliable. they will present their review in court next month. much more news ahead a as the fox report rolls on this wednesday night. hi. you know, i can save you 15% today
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is. >> shep: incredible numbers on bank of america. lending go giant set to pay $8.5 billion to settle claims towards the mortgage mess. a group of investors that claim the bank sold them toxic securities while bilking billions of dollars in the process. payout is the largest so far in the financial crisis. it will wipe out their earnings for the first half of the year
7:24 pm
and could set bart for several other major banks facing similar claims. >> family farm could be worth up to $20 billion. social gaming company, zigna, makers of the facebook app farmville expected to file paperwork to go public and start selling shares. it's a game that folks pretend to be farmers and can use real money buy farms and tractors. they say the company could raise as much as $2 billion with its initial public offering. that means the company's value could be ten times a month, at least on paper. something that is worth nothing. with us, laurie, $20 billion for ones and zeros. zinga has a tremendous profit margin. filing the paperwork raising $2
7:25 pm
billion in the public offering. last year, $850 million, $3450 million was profit. they are paying to play this game. so this is tremendously profitable game. what is key here, once you get the numbers we're going to know but facebook has a tight relationship and that is valued at $70 billion. >> shep: they set cows that moo, it's just not real, laurie. it feels like another bubble to so many investors. >> you are exactly right. we have a bunch of social twoshgt sites. they are concerned about the valuation but the sbevtsd are wise go up. pandora shares are flat.
7:26 pm
freddy finder down 47%. people are wise go. they remember 2000. >> shep: watch laurie, 1:00 eastern time. myspace is now essentially somebody else's space. our parent company news corp have sold it. they bought myspace in 2005 for $580 million. online advertising company specific media paid a little bit various reports put the sale at about $35 million. we told news corp will get a small percentage of specific media as part of the deal. another powerful day of testimony as we reported here in the casey anthony murder trial. the state seeking the death penalty against the young mother but a big question -- will casey anthony have to take the stand? we'll get into that from our
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for extra terrify es tree yal life. he claims that aliens would look a lot like us, two arms, two legs and one head. mankind needs to do more to reach out to other galaxies. i'm shepard smith, this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for top of the news. today we heard from the accused child killer casey anthony for the second time. it happened when her attorney was late for court and the judge said no lawyers will ask a question about a defense motion. >> do you want to ask that question now, do you want to wait until they arrive? >> i can answer that one. >> okay. >> i do. >> thank you, ma'am. >> the question now will she take the stand in her own defense? will we hear any more from the
7:31 pm
young mother, that preparation say killed her own daughter? if casey anthony testifies, it will likely happen tomorrow. that is when her lawyers say they plan to finish their side of the case. holly, a reporter orlando inside the courtroom. any new indication as to what we should expect tomorrow? >> tomorrow whether or not casey anthony does testify we will be hearing from her. she said the hearing made it very clear, he will be asking him, do you want to testify. she is going to have to answer him. she will need to explain why or why not and if its her decision she wants to testify. we could also hear from lee anthony tomorrow, casey's brother. he is accused, nobody has asked him whether it took place and he
7:32 pm
has been told he could be brought back to stand and then we on could hear from george anthony's alleged mistress. she was subpoenaed to be here this afternoon but she never made it to the stand. get this. the defense is expected to wrap up tomorrow. if that happens, friday, we would hear rebuttal witnesses from the state, saturday we could hear closing arguments and the judge will be asking the jury if they would like to work through the weekend saturday and sunday. if memorial day was any calls, they will say let's keep working. they want to get back to their families. >> shep: how are people reacting in that room? >> it was very emotional when george anthony broke down when he heard caylee's bones were found in the woods. they had to bring court to a
7:33 pm
halt. the judge handed him tissues on the stand. a court deputy was patting him on the back trying to help him calm down. i started looking around the courtroom and random people as spectators were actually crying. that is how powerful that testimony was from george today. >> shep: holly bristow. we'll have live coverage tomorrow. tune in studio "b" 3:00 eastern. we'll have our legal team. and catch mark lipman when he goes on the record with greta van susteren at 10:00 eastern time tomorrow. when you got to know the news, you got to go to greta. officials in new mexico bring back-up. wildfire is burning dangerously
7:34 pm
close to two nuclear labs. they have special plane that can detect hazardous materials in the smoke. that is because folks that live near there, they are worried if the fire does reach the lab that could create a radioactive smoke plume. they are confident it won't happen. it has scorched an area twice the size of pittsburgh. one official saying the blaze could double or triple in size. >> adam housley tracking the fire, it's 30% contained or something. >> reporter: 30% contained and a red flag warnings remain in effect. it's charred nearly 70,000 acres since sunday. the conditions are very difficult but firefighters said today was a make or break day because they'll be able to channel it. be able to follow which way it's going and keep it away from loss
7:35 pm
alamos and the laboratories. >> shep: what about this plane they are using to test the air. did anything come back from that? >> the good news is nothing has come back. it was used 11 years for a previous fire. what the plane is there for officially to detect any radiation has escaped into the air. tet at the same time is to ease people's fears. we're seeing just the results we see n the results in any other fire. there is no additional materials in the sample from lab activities or from our waste management. >> reporter: he was speaking about the sample coming from the plane. finally to keep in it perspective, national laboratories 36 square miles, we're talking about a large campus and the fire is burning as close as you can get about ten miles. >> shep: adam, thanks. fires can be trouble and so
7:36 pm
can floods. two nuclear plants in nebraska is safe. missouri river has surrounded one of plants and the water is fast approaching the other one. flood waters have surrounded that plant in fort calhoun. they have been using raised catwalks to get in and out. concern is the water would cut the power to the plant and they couldn't cool it down. fort calhoun has nine different power sources available and they don't anticipate any problem and neither did the japanese for the record. new riots in greece and the concern is it could cause problems at home. today's trouble after a crucial decision by greek lawmakers. they voted to approve a bill to help the financial crisis. austerity measures are not popular. protestors in athens, the bill
7:37 pm
includes tax hikes, budget cuts, a big bailout loan. greece is far from the only country inching close to this plan. if it fails it could cause a ripple effect in global economy. greg palkot is streaming live in athens, greece. you have been on the street. describe what you have been seeing. >> reporter: shep, we have seen a lot of violence most from militant fringe but hearing a lot of anger from a broad cross-section. they say they have unfairly had to make sacrifices. it is a sign that this austerity program might be difficult to put through, shep. >> shep: explain some of the concerns with the ripple effect and what could happen around the world, greg despite the bailout deal, experts tell me, shep, that a
7:38 pm
default is a real possibility. of course, that would be bad news for greece but it would be bad news for european economies forks the whole european union and it would be bad news for the united states. a major trading partner with reunion unions. the bank have exposure to greek debt and united states has its own borrowing. >> shep: words tonight that iran may conduct secret tests on missiles capable of carrying nuclear weapons. that is accusations from united kingdom. iran is in a ten day public military exercise but the foreign secretary says the republic has been covertly trying out medium range and long-range missiles. it comes as a standoff over the suspected nuclear ambitions. they deny there have been any secret tests and they claim that
7:39 pm
the nuclear program is for energy purposes only. >> hotels in the united states are making changes after a deadly attack on a hold in afghanistan. new details about the standoff that went on for hours and a new picture of the moment shoppers attacked the roof of that hotel. that is coming up. legal experts call eight first, in the battled over president obama's healthcare overhaul. it's unconstitutional -- yes, you can. that is ahead. yo, my friend -- come on down here. what do you think about that proglide? yeah, this is great. it feels good on my sensitive skin. i don't feel like i'm shaving. [ male announcer ] fusion proglide is engineered with gillette's thinnest blades ever it feels like it's doing the work for me. [ male announcer ] so it glides for less tug and pull. it was smooth. this was fantastic. i'm having way too much fun with this razor. [ male announcer ] turn shaving into gliding with fusion proglide. i'm a believer. he is a believer! yeah!
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7:42 pm
the place, what followed was five-hour standoff that involved rocket launchers. several militants reportedly blew themselves up. then the nato helicopters arrived and reportedly three of the fritz on the roof. the choppers then hit the roof with a missile. afghan investigators are still trying to figure out how the suspects got past security there. listen. >> the insurgents are using every means to infiltrate in a tight security area. they might have camouflaged themselves as laborers, as technicians. >> shep: regardless, it cast doubts on the military's ability to protect their own country. coner powell is streaming live. >> reporter: kabul is one of seven cities in afghanistan that is supposed to be transferred from the u.s. and international security control over to the
7:43 pm
afghans in the next few months in transfer security responsibilities. people like david petraeus that senior officials have touted the structure in places like kabul as a real sign of progress in afghanistan. but this latest attack in kabul is shedding just how weak the security apparatus and across the country really is these days. fighting lasted for more than five hours in kabul yesterday. it begin around 10:00 a.m. at night. insurgents stormed this popular western hotel in kabul. it went on way through the morning, sometime around 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning. it really wrapped up. it also ended when afghan authorities called in help from nato. you saw these u.s. blackhawk helicopters arrive and kill some of the insurgents that were still there and basically hiding in the hotel. this really sheds light how weak the afghan security forces are
7:44 pm
in kabul and across the country and how much they still rely on the u.s. security forces in kabul in and around the country. it sort of sheds light on just how far the afghan security forces have to go before a security transfer can be fully fulfilled in afghanistan. it's one of the thing that the u.s. is eager to begin transferring security responsibility. this attack really highlights how far they have to go before the security apparatus is really up to the task. >> shep: there is new report how much the wars are costing. according to a brown university project, final bill plus the counterterrorism operations could top $4 trillion. that doesn't include the ongoing costs like health care for veterans. they estimate more than 6,000 u.s. service members have died
7:45 pm
along with more than 130,000 civilians. of the 365,000 suffering injuries and close to 8 million have lost their homes. that is equal to the combined populations of the state of kentucky and connecticut. >> combination of coal dust and lies may have led to the deaths of more than two dozen men in last year's mine explosion in virginia. that is the report from the federal government now. investigators say managers at the upper big branch mine pressured workers to file fake reports and kept dupe cat books. one set shows safety problems. one set shows a problem free mine. the fed reports that the initial findings were that a buildup of coal dust and a spark from a mining tool caused the disaster a spokesman had no comment. more than a thousand people rumored hurt as police crash
7:46 pm
with angry protestors and that tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. egypt, police firing tear gas on crowds in cairoing in scenes reminiscent that toppled the president there in february. hundreds of demonstrators, most of them young hitting the streets, demanding the current government speed up trial of hosni mubarak officials. and families honored those killed in the uprising. philippines, flash floods leaving at 11 people dead and 13 missing. officials say 8 of the deaths were children under ten years old. some residents awaiting rescue from rooftops and predicting more rain by the end of the week >> taiwan military preparing for
7:47 pm
a nuclear attack. officials say the exercises will raise the country's ability to cope with unconventional warfare. >> canada, getting ready from a visit from william and kate. one ottawa bakery to entice them with 170 pound cookie complete with a wedding picture. they are due to land in ottawa tomorrow. that is wrap around the world in 80 seconds. kate making an appearance with her late mother-in-law? a little stwriang. now a cover that shows princess di or what she might look like. here it is. the photo shot, people's princess walking with her daughter-in-law. it imagine what her life may be like today. it theorizes she would have had botox, buff arms, two more
7:48 pm
marriages under her belt. she died in a car crash in paris. she would have turned 50 on friday. that from news week. voters weighing on the latest control of gop contendsers. this time there is new name on the list. live on the campaign trail and things may be looking better for tiger woods. he lost all the endorsements after the golf club thing. they just signed him as a new pitchman. what company? stay with us.
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>> shep: fox news is american's election headquarters. former massachusetts governor mitt romney is the front-runner but lost five points in the last few months, rick perry coming out of no one, literally. he is not in the last survey and he is still not officially a candidate. carl cameron is live in de moines. is he in or out or what? >> reporter: the buzz is they wanted him in. the poll shows a tremendous amount of interest.
7:52 pm
his aides have made preliminary inquiries asking about what the process to get involved in the caucuses. who is available for organizers and volunteers and things like that. they have made an inquiry on the possibility of taking part of a tea party bus tour in the next few weeks. he has said he wouldn't seriously consider running for president until the texas legislature adjourned business for a year. that happened today. decision time has arrived and we are told he will make his mind up by the end of july. >> shep: then michele bachmann, seems to be a serious candidate and the rest of the pack is way back? >> this poll reflects not only her announcement here in iowa but her strong debated performance that was breakout moment. for the rest of pack, dire news, they are way down in the polls. bachmann's surge in iowa has profound implications for tim
7:53 pm
pawlenty. he has put a ton of time in here. he has the biggest staff and organization showing a real difficult time getting any moment in the sun. there is names straw poll in a couple of weeks, a big gathering of republican activists. if he doesn't turn things around tim pawlenty could be one of the folks really damaged by this poll in the early going in iowa. >> shep: carl cameron, good to see you, pal. a victory for the president over the healthcare overhaul, a federal appeals panel in cincinnati has ruled that the government can require americans to buy medical insurance. one of the judges the first republican appointee to uphold the law and first appeal court to weigh in on the measure. lower courts have ruled for and against the law. three other appeals are in the works and everybody agrees this is going all the way to the supreme. tiger woods scoring a
7:54 pm
sponsor for the first time system the sex scandal thing. he is endorsing a line of products made in japan. specifically muscle relief heat rubs. it's first time in two years. his professional life tanked after he admitted cheating on his wife. gatorade bailed on him. this endorsement is a big deal. they will debut a commercial with woods in japan next month. you might want to know what is in the water before you suit up and head to the beach. there is a new report that ranks the best and worst spots based on pollution levels. we'll show you the areas you may want to avoid just ahead. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] what is the future of fuel? the debate is over.
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♪ lexus hybridrive technology is designed to optimize any fuel source on the planet. even those we don't use yet. because when you pursue perfection, you don't just engineer a future-proof hybrid system. you engineeamazing. ♪ [ male announcer ] achievement: has big plans. ♪ achievement: plays well with others. ♪ achievement: loves getting its hands dirty. ♪ achievement: is ready for the world. that's why pnc created grow up great®, our 10-year, 100-million-dollar program committed to early education and helping achievement start young. pnc bank. for the achiever in you(sm). a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination
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of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more amecans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... f greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say. >> shep: if you are headed to
7:57 pm
the beach, makes sure it hasn't rained recently. heavy rain can overload sewage systems and water contamination went up last year. in a study of some 3,000 beaches waters off the coast of louisiana had the highest contamination. group also found high contamination levels in ohio and indiana, michigan and illinois last year. it shows the waters off of new hampshire, new jersey and delaware are the cleanest. lindsay lohan house arrest is over and it's time to party. she is free of her ankle monitoring device. she has work to do. 480 hours of community service and anti-shoplifting class. she got a four-year sentence for violating her probation. her early release partsly the
7:58 pm
result of jail overcrowding she says she plans to celebrate with a party in the hamptons. before we go, top five things of the day. number five, strianlt officials say they are investigating a tour boat company after an american diver claimed it left him behind at the great barrier reef. company behind the facebook game farmville set to go public tomorrow. it could raise 2 bhmd. number three, president obama pushing lawmakers to come to an agreement on the debt limit saying, let's get it done. they rejected a popular breast cancer drug declaring it's not safe. avastin the second biggest selling cancer drug and been on the market for seven years. >> number one tonight, casey
7:59 pm
anthony's lawyers say they could wrap up their case tomorrow. the judge says he will ask casey anthony directly if she wants to take the stand in her own defense. the jury could work over the weekend and on 4th of july monday. that is the top five. on this day in 1986, richard branson broke the record for the fastest boat trip across the atlantic ocean. it was his second attempt because the first ended in disaster. by disaster we mean his boat sank. if at first you don't succeed, he tried again and he did. he left new york harbor and made it all the way to the british iles in three days, he beat the record by two full hours but he did not get the official world record because he refueled and traveled on a personal sailboat, still a businessman


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